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Euronews is a European pay television news network, headquartered in Lyon, France. The network began broadcasting on 1 January 1993 and aimed to cover world news from a pan-European perspective.

A former Chargé De Projets in Lyon shares his/her experience working for Euronews in a review he/she wrote for GLASSDOOR: "Incompetent and aggressive purchasing department with suppliers, whose sole "strategy" is to reduce costs at all costs (especially at the cost of a drop-in service and quality for all employees, and a bad image of the company outside). Must consider the justified comments of all employees on the purchasing strategies adopted: reduction in quality and service for the sole benefit of the purchasing department and its premium on the annual savings made"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very little change. Most people have been working there for over 10/15 years and have little interest in driving any change. Lots of coaxing. Slow to react to news, people have lost faith in management."


"Negative to overly pessimistic approach to work."

Current Employee - Journalist says

"The desk work is very repetitve and many journalists never get the chance to go out into the field. This frustration permeates the newsroom. The channel appears to be in a permanent state of financial dire straits. Management strategy consists of going cap in hand to the EU for 'grants', which has led to more sponsored magazines on air, content which is neither compelling or interesting. The company's CEO Michael Peters struggles to communicate his vision for Euronews and relies heavily on external consultants, perhaps due to his own lack of experience running a broadcasting operation."

Current Employee - Journaliste says

"lack of vision and financial stability. lack of career advancement opportunities"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Reluctant to let you go out and cover live events, funding for this may be the issue, although they are happy to build a new HQ. Sometimes lack of urgency when news breaks, which is sad to see. Strikes me as hard to advance your career inside the company, better take your experience elsewhere."

Current Employee - Intern says

"The wage is not high if you consider to do an internship at euronews, but I think it's a good experience at least."

Dave says

"Hilarious EU propaganda outlet. If VIZ did news..."

Paula Smith says

"Euronews had better not ever advertise again that they show "all news and all views" after today's biased and insulting report of the US Presidential election. There were lengthy opinionated reports from only one side and NONE corresponding from the other, including biased opinions given by the news casters. People want to hear factual news, views from all sides and then be able to make up their own minds."

Tikul Aviputrul says

"Absolutely disgusting app, very heavy, takes too long to refresh, always buggy, lots of crashes. Im not even mentioning about the content)))). Euronews its shameful to have such an app"

David Springer says

"I have watched Euronews for years. During the greatest crisis of our times, they are focused on selling climate change over presenting current news on the coronavirus in Europe.  With the virus daily gaining ground, Euronews has less English feeds than ever before, and what little they have is stretching back 10 years to start selling "climate migrants", which is more bogus propaganda.  Clearly they are not a serious news outlet."

She Bre says

"This Media is a disgraceful and far from truth media..unprofessional and dangerous!! Dont give attention for this evil using the name of Africa for their shameful agendas..they dont deserve one star!"

Vaughan Bellman says

"A typical Euro funded programme,ARROGANT, a branch of the EU propaganda machine, heavily biased in favour of EU. Ignores all emails querying ANYTHING, from reporting to weather. ALL funded by EU, and they say that RT is biased, just watch euronews.??"

Karim Mansouri says

"I don’t like the way the one presenter seems to shout, speaks very fast, and the group discussions have caused me to longer watch Euronews."


"Euronews is pure journalism but very concise. No in-depth news. Also, one of the Portuguese language speakers has a very unusual and annoying way of reading the news. Noone speaks like he does and he really is a pain to listen to. For that reason I believe many viewers may switch to another channel."

Bill Brash says

"Euronews claims to be all news all views but in fact they are an extreme left wing organisation. They are fanatically anti Trump, anti Boris, anti Brexit & anti any govt. not leftist. They have now even banned viewer's comments. Very disappointing, they should give truthful facts not biased opinion." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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